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Struggling with style

SUMMERS ARRIVAL in the northern hemisphere brings the arrival of a dilemma that plagues every office worker. What does a casual dress code mean in practice? The happy medium between looking like Kim Kardashian or Hagrid the giant is hard to pin down. Gold

Suzanne Lacy’s moving public tableaux

IN AN empty bull ring in Quito, Ecuador, man after man steps forward, his face sombre, to read a letter by an anonymous woman describing her experience of sexual violence. Captured on film, then projected onto large screens, each account fades in, then ou

The genetic-data dystopia we may face

THE SUBS are, in effect, subhumanspeople with a genetic rating at the low end of a 10-point scale. People tend to date others within their rate bracket. Dealers trade blood stolen from people with high ratings for those who need to dupe the tests. A comme